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Created by Charlie Stickney

The smaller the town, the bigger the throwdown. Join us as our epic tale of fantasy, horror and forbidden romance reaches its climax

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The 700 Club
about 1 month ago – Tue, Dec 04, 2018 at 09:11:21 PM

Hello White Ashians,

We’ve done it. 700 BACKERS!!! All of us on Team Ash are picking our collective jaws off the floor. We’ve run out of superlatives to describe how moved and appreciative we are of your support. This has been such an incredible campaign, and now that it’s just about over, we can’t wait to have you drive on in and experience our little town.

And with Stretch Goal # 5: What Light Through Yonder Image Breaks UNLOCKED, all of our physical backers will receive a White Ash window decal they can put in their car as they make that drive.

But speaking of drives, there’s one more to make. The drive for Stretch Goal # 6: Spiffing Up the Joint. And by that we mean, if we can hit 23K (which we know, will be a bit of a stretch in the final hours of the campaign) we’re going to upgrade the cover for Chapter Four with a spot varnish to accent Conor and Fin’s amazing illustration. So if you’d like to see that happen, let’s spread the word and get it done.

We’re truly lucky to have Conor and Fin in White Ash, cranking out these amazing pieces of art. And though it seems they spend all their time in the world greatest mining town, the truth is they both occasionally go out for a walk, stretch their legs and ply their talents to some other projects. RED XMAS 1-3, which is also ENDING IN THREE DAYS, features work from both. First, check out Fin’s fabulous colors on the cover by Fabio Ramacci.

Charlie here. If you think the cover is whole lot of crazy, it’s nothing compared to what’s going on inside the book. Clay Adams, who I’ve had the pleasure??? of meeting several times, has concocted a twisted, adult tale of Mr. Clause that sure to stuff your stockings with inappropriate mirth. I loved the first two books and now that Fin… and Conor are involved, I’ve already put in my order for Chapter Three.

What’s that, Conor? Yes, White Ash’s own Conor Hughes is also doing a variant for Red X-mas which, as Clay says, “depicts the Great Elf Holocaust of 1962.” Here’s a work in progress from a day ago.

But if you want to see a more up to date version, Conor is currently working on it LIVE ON TWITCH. If you happen to visit, tell him you came from White Ash. He’ll thank you again for the support. But just in case you don’t get there while he’s still online, we’re going to thank you again here.

THANK YOU! This really has been the best ever.  

21 hours to go.

Charlie, Conor, Fin and Heather (AKA Team Ash)

65 hours left. 2 Stretch goals. Can we do it?
about 1 month ago – Mon, Dec 03, 2018 at 06:57:10 PM

Hello White Ashians,

Happy Holidays! Tonight kicks off a whole slew of December celebrations. So to you and your family, whatever you do or don’t celebrate, Team Ash wishes you the very best Seasonal Greetings!

Now here in White Ash, we have something particular to celebrate, and that’s unlocking Stretch Goal # 4: WHAT LIGHT THROUGH YONDER IMAGE BREAKS. Thanks to a particularly strong Saturday, we surged past 19K, which means Window Decals will be included in all our physical packages. We’re still tinkering with the design. Next week, look for a survey where you can weigh in on which particular direction we go.

And hopefully, when it comes to stretch goals, we’re not done yet. Thanks to our Saturday Surge, we’ve made a good push toward Stretch Goal #5: February Shipping. With a good close to the campaign, we’ve got a really good shot to cross the $20,500 plateau we need to make the budget work. And if we happen to have a strong Monday surge, we’ll unveil the FINAL STRETCH GOAL.

All of us at Team Ash want you know how much we appreciate the support. The fact that we have a legitimate shot to end this campaign with over 700 backers is beyond amazing. Building a brand is hard and we want to thank each and every one of you for your help in spreading the word about our little mining town.

Another way that we’ve been able to share White Ash has been through the camaraderie that exists on Kickstarter. There are so many great projects and books that have come to the platform as an alternative means of distribution. It’s through this shared brother/sisterhood that we form audiences. And today, we’re REALLY excited to add Death Sentence Liberty #2 to our personal collective.

Charlie here. Before I break into a chorus singing the praises of what Monty Nero is doing with this book, (and there’s a lot to praise) I need to throw out a little bit of a warning, Death Sentence is a MATURE TITLE, which is definitely NOT FOR KIDS.

That said, it’s also got some amazing art and a really cool (yet again, ADULT) premise about an STD that gives one superpowers, BUT also kills you after six months.

It's a catchy hook with with an even more interesting story to back it up.  The dialogue is snappy (a Thundercats reference had me rolling) and the narrative moves just as quickly, bouncing between the infected supers and an espionage storyline ties everything together.   

What's also great about Death Sentence is the world feels completely thought out.  Monty takes his time doling out bits and pieces of the mythos, but you always feel like the story is in good hands and that the payoff that the book is building towards, will be well worth the ride. 

There also are some great rewards on the site as well, including a "Mega Commission" where Monty, who paints the covers for the book, will do one for your comic.

So if you're looking for a great story and don't mind some sexy time in your comic books, then please head on over to Death Sentence and let's keep the Kickstarter collective strong.

Thank you again,

As always, we couldn't do any of this without you,

Charlie, Conor, Fin and Heather

One Week to go
about 2 months ago – Sun, Dec 02, 2018 at 03:31:30 AM

Hello White Ashians,

This has been an incredible campaign. Over the weekend we crossed the 600 backer threshold. Right now we’re on track to have BY FAR our most backed Kickstarter ever. It’s truly humbling to see the number of people who have found our comic and become part of the White Ash community.

And while Chapter Four wraps up our first story arc, rest assured, we are already hard at work prepping the the next arc, beginning with Chapter Five, which will come your way in 2019. But today we want to talk to you about getting you Chapter Four quicker. We threw this out before, but now, after crunching the numbers a bit more, we’re going make it official.


Waiting is the worst. If we can hit $20,500, we’ve been assured we can get our comics back from the printer by the end of January, so we can start shipping them to you in February. So if you are in the United States, that means you’ll probably get your books closer to the beginning of the month. And if you are an international backer, that probably means the end of the month.

So please spread the word on the campaign and lets see if we can hit those stretch goals. We know it’s the holiday season and people are doing their shopping, but tell your friends lots of goodies are waiting for them in White Ash… even a couple of Draw Me In’s and one last Character Sketch from Conor Hughes. 

Kickstarter Season, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

In fact, there are so many good projects on Kickstarter right now, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention at least one more place you could direct your attention. The MOON GIRL graphic novel from Omar Morales looks simply out of this world.

Charlie here.  You've got to check out this campaign just to take a gander at the way they've captured the vintage look of the comics from the 40's.  This is a rated PG, retro-futuristic, Sci-Fi adventure that combines modern style pacing and fluidity with all the hallmarks of golden age comics: stained and faded pages, thought bubbles, and ray guns! I'm totally in.  

But we're all totally in for one more week of making this the best White Ash campaign ever.  Again, thank you so much for all of your support.

We couldn't do any of this without you,

Charlie, Conor, Fin and Heather (AKA Team Ash)

about 2 months ago – Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 06:51:09 PM

Hello White Ashians,

Thank you so much for continuing to spread the word of the campaign. The bigger it gets, the more we can offer you. Case in point, as we’re seeing where the total dollar amount is heading, it looks like we’re going to be able to afford to get you the books before March. So, while this isn’t an official stretch goal, lets just say if we can raise close to $20,000, most of you should see your print copies of White Ash: Chapter Four in early February instead of March.

So please, keep telling your comic book-loving friends about White Ash and we’ll make that happen.

We also received some fabulous news today -- White Ash will return to San Diego Comic Con for 2019. 

We'll again be in the small press section (L-10). We had an incredible time last year meeting fans at SDCC. And for the White Ash collector, we offered this exclusive variant.

I’m sure this year we’ll have something similar on hand if you happen to be in San Diego.

But that's all excitement for 2019.  What about 2018 you ask?  Well, if you ever watch Conor's TWITCH CHANNEL where he live streams drawing White Ash, he's often joined by Mick Beyers, AKA McComicker.  Mick draws the amazing fantasy series ROVERS, which at our urging, he's put up on Kickstarter.

Charlie here, I've had the immense pleasure of reading the first issue of Rovers.  If you like Fantasy that pushes the bounds of epic, featuring characters who wrestle with decisions that will change the very fabric of reality... that's not this book.  Rovers is about the other guys.  The people living in the towns and villages that typically get destroyed, conquered, or forgotten in those more epic stories.  And it's wonderful.  Beyers has a real gift for both dialogue and layouts.  I suggest you check out both in his campaign for ROVERS Book One: Happenstance.

Thank you again for all the support.  We're racing through the stretch goals.  As of this update, we're less than $500 away from unlocking our next one, and revealing our 19K mystery stretch goal.

Have a great weekend everyone.  You are the best group of backers/fans that a comic book/ group of creators could wish to have.

All the very best,

Team Ash (AKA Charlie, Conor, Fin and Heather)

Giving Thanks
about 2 months ago – Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 06:49:11 PM

Hello White Ashians,

Charlie here. As we sit on the eve of Thanksgiving, I want to reach out and tell you how much we all on Team Ash appreciate each and every backer of our books. To that end, here’s the Thank You illustration that Conor did for our first campaign back in April of 2017.

I wanted to share this one, because that’s where it all began. And while this was “only” 19 months ago, so much in my life has changed since then. And that’s because through the support of our amazing fanbase on Kickstarter, I’ve been able to work with Conor and Fin to bring White Ash to life. It’s truly a gift creating comics in tandem with these two. And now, 156 pages later, with Heather on the team, the future of White Ash looks amazingly bright. So thank you backers for giving me an opportunity to tell this story. And thank you Conor, Fin and Heather for joining me on this journey.

And while I could leave it at that, we have even more to be thankful for as we JUST CROSSED OUR NEXT STRETCH GOAL — What’s Old is New. For reaching 17K, Wallpapers and Bookmarks for everyone!!! 

And now to reveal the next stretch goal, WHAT LIGHT THROUGH YONDER IMAGE BREAKS 

If we hit $19,000, we’re going to try out a brand new bit of White Ash Swag — Window Decals. Perfect to put in your car, on your mirror, or anywhere you want to see a little light streaming though White Ash, we’re going to print up some static clear window clings. We’re still tinkering with the design. And if we're lucky enough to hit 19K, we may even ask for your input.

So thank you for all the love and support.  We don't take any of it for granted. Which is why we like to share other campaigns with you, our amazing backers. If we can introduce you to another great comic, then we've given back just a little of what you've given us.  And if we can help another artist reach their goal, then we've given back just a little more.  To that end, here are two other fabulous projects that are currently on Kickstarter.

CHASE THE MOON is the bastard child of West Side Story’s romance, the often violent and stylized world of The Warriors, and the horror sensibilities of The Monster Squad. 

It’s a perfect fit for readers looking for 1980’s nostalgia tinged with both the macabre and beautiful.  From Drew Moss and the writers of Metalshark Bro, it's a project well worth taking a look at.

On the other end of the spectrum is BURN, the story of a gay couple in the 1950s, who have a run-in with a couple of good-old-boys that goes south. 

After the encounter, the two young men take up living life as outlaws. Refusing to hide or be victimized ever again, the couple torches a path across the southern United States. If the world won't change, then it had better get the hell out of Ben and Charlie's way. 

This comic comes from Jacob Bouvet and Amanda Johnson, the team that brought you  Ko Gaine.  I (Charlie) love Amanda's style and it works so well with Jacob's dialogue.  You can read all of it on Webtoons, so there's no reason not to CHECK IT OUT right now.

We hope everyone who's celebrating Thanksgiving has an amazing, safe and meaningful holiday. And we hope all of our backers who are overseas who might not be celebrating, know that we're raising a turkey leg here in America in your honor.

Thank you again,

Charlie, Conor, Fin and Heather